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Redeem Kicks for Rewards: Facebook Credits & Instant Gift Card

May 10, 2012 6 comments

This past weekend I decided to visit some stores and scan some products in order to collect kicks on my iPhone. I visited the shopping center near my house which has a lot of the shopkick’s participating stores clustered together. I was able to pay a visit to Sport Authority, Best Buy, Toy’R’Us, Staples, Old Navy, Walmart and Target. And after my little shopping spree, I earned enough kicks (1372 kicks to be exact seen in left photo) to redeem some great rewards for myself.

Most partnered stores offer instant gift card with $5 as the smallest redeemable amount by using 1250 kicks. With my 1372 kicks, I had enough to pick a $5 instant gift card from the store I desired. But since this was my first time redeeming a reward and I had absolutely no idea how to do this, I decided to test it by first getting 1 Facebook Credit using 25 kicks. This was fairly simple as I was able to navigate to the redeeming page (seen in middle photo) easily by tabbing on ‘Facebook Credits’ on the list of redeemable rewards. With a simple click on ‘Redeem,’ the 1 Facebook Credit was instantly deposited into my already linked Facebook account (seen in right photo).

As I had remaining kicks and happened to be in need for a new pair of workout gloves, I decided to redeem a $5 Instant Gift Card from Sport Authority where a wide variety of workout gloves are being offered.  By going through the same steps as redeeming the Facebook credit, I successfully received my $5 shopkick loyalty certificate. Since the instant gift cards are only redeemable on in-store purchases by giving the loyalty code (last 10 digits of the shopkick loyalty certificate) to the cashier, I headed out to the nearby Sport Authority and picked out the gloves. The transaction went smoothly and I was able to receive a $5 discount on my gloves. Overall, I’m very happy with the redeeming process and I will definitely continue using shopkick to get more kicks to redeem other rewards in the near future.