Shopkick Guide

Download Shopkick:

Shopkick is available FREE on both Apple iPhones and Android phones. For an iPhone user, simply search “shopkick” in the Apple store or click here. For an Android phone, simply search “shopkick” in the Android Market or follow the download instructions located here.

Share with Friends:

There are are couple different ways you can share this wonderful app with your friends. First, click on the ‘Invite Friends’ icon under the ‘Me’ tab in Shopkick. Second, enter the app setting by clicking on the ‘wheels’ icon on the top left corner, then click on the ‘Invite Friends’ option. Third, you can simply go out there and tell you friends about this app or better yet ask your friends to visit to learn more. Lastly, Shopkick allows you to connect to your Facebook account which would let you share your activities on Shopkick.

Earn Rewards (“kicks”):

After downloading the free Shopkick app, open the app and start earning kicks the moment you walk into a partnered stores.  Shopkickers can also collect more kicks by scanning or buying specific items.   Now you can even earn extra kicks by linking your eligible Visa® credit or debit card with Shopkick.  Then pay with that card as usual at partnered stores with a Buy & Collect offer.


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