How much $ for a Kick?

June 9, 2012 1 comment

Shopkick offers many ways to get kicks. But how much worth is a kick actually? Well, that depends on how you spend your kicks. There are various reward options available but some have different values. Here is a list of rewards and how much they are in $ values:

Reward Kicks Value $ Value for 100 Kicks
Hotel Cash Card 625 $25.00 $4.00 875 $25.00 $2.86
Magazine Gold Card 1250 $20.00 $1.60
Movie Ticket 2525 $11.50 $0.46
Facebook Credit 25 $0.10 $0.40
Target 500 $2.00 $0.40
Best Buy 500 $2.00 $0.40
Starbucks 1250 $5.00 $0.40
Toys’R’us 1250 $5.00 $0.40
Old Navy 1250 $5.00 $0.40
Macy’s 1250 $5.00 $0.40
Sports Authority 1250 $5.00 $0.40
American Eagle 1250 $5.00 $0.40
Wet Seal 1250 $5.00 $0.40
Chilli’s 1250 $5.00 $0.40
Arden B. 1250 $5.00 $0.40
iTunes 2500 $10.00 $0.40
Lowes 2500 $10.00 $0.40
Fandango+Papa John’s 8750 $35.00 $0.40
Coach Hand Bag 75000 $300.00 $0.40
Xbox 75000 $300.00 $0.40
Princess Cruise 6250000 $22,500.00 $0.36
Gas Card 3400 $10.00 $0.29
Sony Bravia 925000 $2,000.00 $0.22

Concluding: If you want the most $ for your kicks, you should get the Hotel Cash Card. You will get the least $ if you choose the Sony Bravia TV. The difference is huge: The Hotel Cash Card has more than 18 times the value per $ than the Sony Bravia TV.

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International opportunities for Shopkick

With the growing user base of Shokpick coupled with addition of new business partners, now it is about time  that Shopkick should expand its app beyond the US. There are tremendous opportunities to capture in the urban areas of the growing economies like – India and China. Urban areas of these countries have the right demographic target market that Shopkick relies on for its business model.

Both of these countries are witnessing an impressive growth (8% for India) in their organized retail (mall) industry (current size $3.3 Billion in India) segments  with increasing disposable incomes amongst its urban population (currently around 350 million in India). This consumer evolution still relies on brick-and-mortar based shopping behavior for majority of their shopping, while the user base of online shoppers in these countries, although small, is growing exponentially with increasing internet penetration via mobile devices (approximately 125 million smartphone users in India).

As a short term business growth strategy, Shopkick can tap into these markets so as to maintain store walk-in behavior and offer kickbucks  in order to reward this existing brick-and-mortar shopping behavior, while online shopping is still playing a fast catch-up.





Groundswell Technology Test on Shopkick

First let us understand, What is Groundswell Technology Test ?

This test consists of five questions that need to be answered by a brand using any social media tool/application/technology.

1. Does it enable people to connect with each other? – If a tool/application/technology used by a brand makes people connect in more interesting, more varied or more frequent ways, then it has good potential for adoption. i.e.  Can your tool/app spread virally, as existing participants recruit new people to join them.

2. Is it effortless to sign up for? -The technologies that succeed are the ones that are free and easy to connect up to technologies people already have. Eg: Signing up for Facebook

3. Does it shiftpower from institutions to people? -Technologies that mostly benefit companies don’t tend to catch on. Those that benefit people do. Eg: Facebook gave people power to connect without any supervision by company and Wikipedia allowed people to create content without expert approval.

4. Does the community generate enough content to sustain itself ? -All successful technologies make it easy for people to create content and to benefit from each others’ content.

5. Is it an open platform that invites partnerships? -This component of the test determines whether a product will wither or flourish. Closed platforms don’t evolve as fast because they don’t tap into the well of innovation that is the Web 2.0 development community. Eg: Open platforms like Facebook, which opened up its interfaces to application developers, get continual new functionality without so much work on the part of the founders.

We applied the above discussed Groundswell Technology Test on Shopkick, that lead us to the results as shown below:

Connect : Shopkick has no viral aspect since it an individual consumption drive reward application system used by an individual ontheir mobile device.

Effortless: Yes, it is very easy to sign up for Shopkick

Shift of Power: No, since companies/brands/corporates offer rewards thereby shaping consumer behavior, hence the power still lies with them and not the consumer/user.

Content: Yes, Shopkick generates  individual purchase/consumption data, but it does not facilitate user generated content.

Open Platform: Shopkick is a partially open platform. At the most an individual user can just post share a facebook link inviting another user to join Shopkick there by giving both of them 50 reward points. Essentially Shopkick is still on “one-to-many” platform and is lacking a “many-to-many” platform.

Note: Our source of data for the five questions on Groundswell Technology test is from the book: “Groundswell, Expanded and Revised Edition: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies” by Authors: Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff, ISBN number: 1422161986

Shopkick Ban [Update]

June 7, 2012 Leave a comment

This is an update for the Shopkick Ban post from 2 weeks ago. I wanted to test how long the app would take to detect that I was using cheats. Long story short I was banned after attempting to scan barcodes online using my girlfriend’s iPhone. I emailed Shopkick trying to get my account reactivated. However, after waiting impatiently for about 2 weeks, it’s safe to me to say that I will never get a response. Needless to say that I’m very disappointed in how they are treating their customers. Just the fact that I don’t even know if my request was received or not really frustrates me. Since I really did use cheats and it wasn’t on my own phone, I don’t bear a grudge against Shopkick. I wish others have more luck reaching them than me.

I will definitely continue using Shopkick on my phone. However, using cheats is obviously not the route to go since once you get banned, you will lose all the hard earned kicks and would have to start over from the beginning. I know that many have complained for getting banned for no reason at all, my suggestion for you guys is to post on their Facebook fan page and cross you fingers and hope that one of the administrators would get back to you.

Shopkick experiments: Create a Black Friday!!

June 7, 2012 1 comment

The last event organized by Shopkick was the Black Friday #3 that became officially a Black Saturday! It was last week. Let’s analyze what happened during the Black Friday #2.

Why Shopkick decided to organized this experiment ?

To make an ordinary day a big shopping day for walk-ins, much like Black Friday.  The Black Friday 2 experiment, which took place on February 24th of this year, offered up bigger and better rewards to walk-in customers across all stores partnered with Shopkick. Therefore, Shopkick offered about double the kicks to users for walking into any Shopkick Partner Alliance store, which the equivalent reward was still worth less than a dollar.

It worked and actually drove higher levels of foot traffic than Black Friday in November. It actually set a new record for walk-ins. Several retailers saw double-digit increases in walk-ins compared to the earlier Black Friday. Registered 7% more walk-ins from Shopkick users to partner stores on Feb 24th than on the original Black Friday in November. Compared to previous four Fridays in February, it was a 325% lift.

The plus for partenered stores : the challenge to get consumers into the store an ordinary working day. In fact, this Friday was a regular old day and not even really a true shopping day by most standards; with no big sales or extra incentives. It’s basically getting in-season shopping traffic during an out-of-season time period. And as the figures can demonstrate it, the foot traffic was definitely boosted.

The plus for Shopkick : Users will check more frequently in order to be aware of all the different events Shopkick is organizing. This event also proved to its partners the effect of the Shopkick network on the foot traffic into store. By boosting rewards at all locations on the same day and inducing many consumers go not just to one store but on shopping sprees, Shopkick succeed its experimentation.

Shopkick plans to continue this experimentation by using holiday tactics during normal, non-peak shopping days throughout the year.

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Can Restaurants Join the Fun?

June 6, 2012 Leave a comment

YES, the shopkick model can be applied to consumers’ restaurant experience!

We have recently seen shopkick start to move away from traditional retail stores to different businesses, including gas stations and Visa cards.  But who is shopkick going to partner with next?  Well, we believe that shopkick has great opportunities in the restaurant industry. Restaurants have yet to fully embraced mobile marketing and thus have an opportunity in this trend. Here we take a look at a large American restaurant chain and developed a marketing plan utilizing shopkick. Let’s use BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse as an example.

Obviously, kicks cold be offered for walk-ins, but what about the opportunity to scan products that are sold? Without much investment, BJ’s could include QR codes or barcodes on their menu and offer kicks for specific food items depending on what plates they want to drive attention towards.

Another benefit to using shopkick is that the restaurant could try to control the traffic during different days and different times of the day. By offering a large amount of kicks for walk-ins during a specific time-frame, such as happy hour or typically slow times of the day or week.

Kicks could also be offered for purchasing certain items, such as appetizers, desserts, entrees, drinks, etc. After purchasing the specified food or beverage items, a QR code could be printed out on the customers’ receipt which could be scanned for even more kicks. This also should not pose much additional cost to introduce this process.

Ultimately, shopkick can be used by various types of businesses in order to bring awareness to brands and products. Shopkick facilitates the building of relationships between brands and consumers. This is done by engaging customers and having them interact with brands and products.

American Eagle and Aerie Goes NATIONWIDE

June 6, 2012 Leave a comment

American Eagle Outfitters announced today the national rollout of Shopkick to all American Eagle Outfitters and Aerie stores across the country. Beginning today, customers will earn kicks just for walking in, as well as receive a number of other exciting, exclusive offers throughout the stores. They are celebrating this with 200 kicks for walk-in reward. Also, walk-in today to enter AE Sweepstakes for a chance to win one of four $500 AE gift cards.